I'm Marci Lebowitz and I've always been a seer and a mystic!

Exquisitely sensitive, laser perceptive and empathic from birth, I have always navigated the world through my inner guidance though I ignored it during various periods of my life. Around 1998 my gifts began to exponentially present themselves and I was able to allow them to flow and develop over the years as our energetic reality and the esoteric realms became more available and prevalent.

I am an extremely unique blend of being both highly esoteric and pragmatic. I am completely present, intuitive and at the same time analytical.  I can seem contradictory to people though I make perfect sense to myself. 

I essentially have absolutely no tolerance for spiritual teachings and information that cannot be translated into practical terms and experiences in our reality.  I believe that we all have intuitive gifts, we simply need to know and understand how to access them according to our own design and how to trust to follow them.

Highly skilled with non-verbal autistics and energetically sensitive/aware people, I easily read and understand what people aren't saying.  I hear beyond what the average person is saying to what they really mean (which is a kicker with men because they can't pull anything over on me or bs me!). 

Upon hearing a person's name (I don't need a picture or an object to hold) or upon meeting a person for the first time I can perceive how they think/feel; what their gifts and life purpose are, what is blocking them when it comes to their relationships, their desires and how they can be their natural, authentic self.

I am also a lover of all things gorgeous, sparkly and fiber.  When I'm not encouraging people to know themselves, I create beautiful fashion and home decor that I energetically charge and impart for the wearer so they can become more fully authentically themselves, feel safe and protected, know themselves and move from their own instincts. It's like wearing a talisman fully on your body and your being to give you the fullest expression of who you want to be and truly are.  It seems like magick - I can actually teach you how to do this yourself in your own way, your own style and manner fitting to you! 

Honestly, people either love me or they do not.  I evoke very strong responses in people (which I thoroughly enjoy). I have six planets of Scorpio and I'm Jewish. I tell it like it is, get right into people's souls upon meeting, am intensely introverted and need extensive time to myself and at the same time have an intense need for connection, and I say and do some of the kookiest and craziest shit that you've probably ever had the joy of watching.

I'm most comfortable with children (and they with me) because they are in flow. I instantly feel adults resistance and pocketing and bs.  I prefer children (and adults) who are fun, connected, open, laugh and are willing to authentically be messy and feel their feelings.